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Peter White


COMMISSIONS ARE: Always closed trololol.
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I'm a nice rabbit-san who cares very much about the most beautiful goddess ever that no one else can compare to, Alice! <3<3<3<3 Alice is my thing and no one else can take her away from me! I love you Alice! I love you. I love you!

This world is nothing without Alice! I care for no one else BUT Alice! AAaahhhh~ There's no room for competition because Alice is THE best. There's no second or third place because Alice will ALWAYS be the best! Aliceeeee~! I love you so much Alice! I love you! I love you!

Everyone else can go die. I'm also a very tidy white rabbit-san and I'm very pure~! My feelings for Alice are pure! Aaahh Alicee~~~~~~~~~! <3<3 I hate bacteria and germs and I also hate being touched. The only bacteria I will allow on me is from Alice. I don't mind her touch. Poor Alice..! Being so open to various of germs.. Unforgivable! I'm also the prime minister of the Castle of Hearts. I work under Vivaldi's rule, the queen who doesn't know how to keep her filthy hands off of my Alice! I like no one else but Alice! Alice Alice Alice~~~~~~~~!
Feel free to question me and Alice's love! Alice is my lover! Don't you dare touch her though because it's a crime exposing her to such germs! Don't even talk to her or you'll be executed immediately.

((OOC: Heart No Kuni No Alice does not belong to me.
This is Desuwart))

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:heart:LOVE OF MY LIFE:heart:


I love you too much to let you go, Alice~ I will love no one else but you~

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(Is a wonderland wolf) *Shyly waves*
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((Do you still have a chat and stuff. Man it's been ages
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((hey peter its plot bunny, aka Psychic Sam ^^. how are you. im posting this because i thought you may be interested.and if not im sorry for spamming you but i just wanted to let you know

hello all! want to create a fairy tale character?maybe the child or relative of a famous one, such as the daughter of cinderella? Want to meet new people and cause mischief with your characters? Want to learn how to RP in a friendly enviornment? 
then come and join~
No co-founders yet but im always looking! 
Note me if you have questions or concerns ^^
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Alice has just confessed that she loves you; what do you do? 
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